Warm, Hearty n Delicious Lentils Soup

ameeza77 Tuesday, January 31, 2012 ,

Never tried lentils in my life, this is the 1st time. It taste so good, a hearty soup that would make ur stomach happy. I made the soup with half cup of red lentils. U can get bout 3-4 cups of soup which I enjoyed the whole day :p Gara2 stok buah dah abis! I share with u guys the recipe so that u can try it later ok :)

1 onion
4 cloves garlic
1 big celery stalk
2 tomatoes
1 carrot

1/2 cup red lentils

2-3 cups water
dash of black pepper
dash of white pepper
1 tspn chilli powder
2-3 vinegar ( I used cider)

Saute onion, garlic, celery and carrot until tender, add on chopped tomatoes. Stir slowly for 2 minutes, add on lentils. Stir again. Add water, simmer until lentils soft. Finally add on chilli powder, white n black pepper and vinegar. Serves hot with parsley :).

Mode ~ Making falafel tonite so that I can straight away bake them tomorrow ^.^


Day 7

ameeza77 Monday, January 30, 2012

Alhamdulillah, dah hari ke 7. Esok start minggu ke dua, dah boleh add on few things mcm tofu, fish, nuts n lentils, hehe happy skit :) Alhamdulillah I have lost 6 kg, tu last timbang semalam, nari lupa pula nak timbang masa g umah my mum tadi. Baju semua dah longgar, yg paling suke my stomach pun dah turun sikit, dah tak bloated lagi, but tak tahu la kalau lepas add on protein ni macamana... hope maintain la shat.

I started my day with green juice, lunch with mango smoothies and salad as usual and rebus2 again at mum's place for dinner, but I learned from yesterday, nari I didn't take so much food during dinner, just enuf to satisfy the hunger and not feel stuffed mcm semalam. For snacks, I ate 2 bananas.

So tomorrow, I'm planning to make Veggie soup with some lentils for breakfast. Bunyi mcm berat jer kan... I think better to make it for lunch la, pagi2 still nak ambil green juice dulu. Now mcm dah biasa with the awkward taste of my green juice :)

Mode ~ Can't wait to have veggie soup tomorrow!



ameeza77 Sunday, January 29, 2012

I had a kick start in the morning when I had mango smoothies before my 20mins walked. Sugar from mango n carrot juice in the smoothies really did their job well :) tak pernah lagi rasa so ringan masa buat workout so I really enjoyed the walk n stretching!

in the blender

yummeh smoothies!

I had lunch at my mum's today, adoi tergelincir abis my diet. Eh, but no worries, I haven't touch rice pun :p. Mum masak rebus2 so I had quite a lot of stuff in my stomach afternoon tadi. Terung, bendi, betik muda, red cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, asparagus (haha macam pasar dah bunyinyer :p) cecah with sambal kicap cuka. But instead of cuka, she used lime so lagi la kaw sambal tu tadi (masih menelan air liur while typing).

So for dinner, I decided to make the green juice with hope it will cleanse n flush everything out heheh. No snacks for today since I'm so full, thanks mak :)


Oh My....

ameeza77 Saturday, January 28, 2012 ,

Today I felt so tired, mcm dah tak ader tenaga langsung! After eating 2 bananas, Im ok again, dah boleh senyum :) Well, this is what I have today;

Day 5

I didn't eat proper breakfast today since I have few orders of apam n kek, took 1 red apple n mineral water aje.

Had quite full lunch today, apple, celery, pucuk maman (I dun know its English's name :p), tomatoes, carrots, onion, romaine n drizzle with my leftover apple vinaigrette + oh my, oh my.... my 1st ever tried green juice!

2 bananas + 1/2 red apple

Steam Chickpea :)

Can u find pucuk maman in my salad? The one that look like taugeh!

You can substitutes the ingredients to many others green leafy n veggies such as coriander, mint, spinach, some even put curry leaves, its all depends on ur tekak if u r able to swallow them, as for me, my version was light and it still taste eeiii uk! hahah, the taste was so STRONG! but that was for the 1st time sip aje, then I think the taste was not so bad at all because the ginger n lime was there :)

My Version of Green Juice Detox Recipe
1 green apple
2 stalks celery
3 romaine leaves
about 2 inc ginger
half of lime

Green juice is good because it boost ur healths in so many ways. The chlorophyll helps u cleanse ur liver, balance ur ph by reducing acidity, the antioxidants takes care ur cells and skin and the fiber aids digestion leads u for better berry2 :p

So, whats with the eeeiii uk? When it can gives u so many in return!

Mode ~ plan to juice mango tomorrow :) Another tonic to boost my day!!




Rata2 comments from my relatives n friends about detox diet that it is expensive. If u guys follow mat salleh menu memela its gonna very2 expensive because u need to buy imported fruits n plants. Since I'm perut melayu asli, I find it exciting if u guys try to mix up the imported n local ingredients together, by doing so, it won't be so expensive n u'll be surprise how u can tackle the price ^.^. But of course u must know what n where to buy stuff la kan :)

Let's find out how much is exactly the cost for Week 1 of my detox diet peeps!

These are few veggies that I bought for 1-2 weeks supply. Carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, limes, romaine salads, ginger, celery stalks, parsley, coriander, mint and many other things. If u guys noticed the price, it only cost me about rm1 to rm2 per packet. They are so cheap till I feel like nak borong everything :p

Yang mahal kat sini are the apples la of course, but it can supply u for the whole week, n believe me its cheaper than what u pay for ur breakfast, lunch and dinner outside! Dun worries because they are not that expensive at all. Tak caye? Ok, jom kita buat kira2 sikit!

Apples - rm13
watermelon - rm4
Bananas - rm5 (about 7-8 bananas)
limes - rm2 (6 pcs)
papayas - rm1 (2 pcs)
Blueberries - rm9 (5 x makan)

Carrot - rm2 (7-8 pcs)
Tomatoes - rm4 (about 10pcs)
1 whole big Cabbage - rm 1.80
Romaine Salad -rm5 (about 10x makan)
my ginger, celery stalks, parsley, mint, coriander - are all @rm1 per pack

If u total everything, it's around rm50++ jer. Now please compare with ur belanja makan kat luar for 2 weeks. I bet mesti la lebih rm50 kan. So for those yg dah bersemangat nak ikot this detox diet, come n join me, let's do it together n be healthier together!

So, bila dah ader byk supply of fruits n plants kat dalam fridge, I am really bersemangat nak continue this diet. Lagi2 bila hubby memberi sokongan padu :) Tak per la dear, mana tau after 11 years marrying me, ader la chance u nak dukung I nanti hahha :p lebih2 pulak yer!

This is what I had yesterday, apple salad with romaine, tomato, carrot n onion serve with homemade apple vinaigrette n papaya for dessert :)

If u guys interested for the recipes, please let me know yer, I'll try to post it here later :)


Seeking for a Healthier Lifestyle

ameeza77 Friday, January 27, 2012

Title gempak aje kan, but just to let u guys know, this is the 4th day of my detox diet. 1st day tu, can't really consider detox but more to survival la kot haha... yer la kena masakkan suami n anak, my stomach can't really duduk diam but growled so loud :p

Starting for today, don't get bored because I'm going to post my daily detox diet. It's gonna be all raw fruits and veggies, salads, steam veggies, fruits n plants smoothies.

Day 1
I took lots of red and green apples, combining with some plain yogurt when I felt really hungry. Theres no really what I ate for breakfast, lunch n dinner since I hentam jer makan buah bila lapar.

Day 2
Started my day with limeade with no sugar at all. A bowl of fresh blueberries and plain yogurt accompanied with 2 apples.

2 apples, steam bendi n terung cecah with sambal kicap limau (masa dapat ni terasa nikmatnyer dunia).

Another bowl of fresh blueberries with plain yogurt and 2 apples.

2 Bananas

Day 3

Carrot juice, 3 slices of papaya

Fruit cuts (half size of medium pineapple, half size of medium guava n a bowl of raw cabbage with shredded carrot)

Another 3 slices papayas and a cup of steam corn

2 Bananas

And guess what kengkawan, I have lost #kg, and that's without any single cardio activities! Lets strive for 21st day plan! This time I really want to follow the correct method :)

My Version of Laksa Johor

ameeza77 Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lately tah pape asek nak upload resepi jer :p, btw.. resepi ni yg la yag I guna buat potluck kat kelas multicultural n telah diiktiraf SEDAP (perasan sangat da ni) oleh org johor sendiri which is my very own lecturer :) Ok2 jgn marah, bagila chance kembang setaman jap... anyway for those yg nak cuba tu, cuba la yer, laksa johor ni gerenti sodap!

Bahan2 (10 org makan if diaorg tak tambah 2x la yer)

1 bungkus Spaghetti
(rebusla ikot instruction kat paket yer)

10 ekor ikan kembung
3 sb kerisik
1 bungkus kecil kari ikan babas
1/2 cwn cili kisar
3-5 keping asam keping ikot tekak
1/2 cwn udang kering ditumbuk halus

Bahan2 blender
2 biji bawang besar
3 ulas bawang putih
1/2 inci halia
lengkuas cikit
2 batang serai

Bahan campak :p
1 cwn santan pekat
1 batang serai diketuk
1 btg bunga kantan
daun kesum
1 sb ketumbar ditumbuk halus

Bahan hiasan
1 biji timun potong melilit
1 labu bawang, hiris nipis
kacang panjang pun hiris nipis
bunga kantan juga dihiris nipis

Sambal Belacan
Cili Merah n cili padi ikot pedas tekak :p
sedikit belacan
limau nipis

Cara sediakan kuah;
rebus ikan dan 3 asam keping dengan 6 cwn air
once ikan masak, tgu sejuk skit n asingkan isi
air rebusan jgn dibuang yer, kita akan guna sat lagi
Blend isi ikan yg telah direbus dengan 2 cwn air rebusan tadi

Panaskan minyak n start tumis bahan2 blend sampai naik bau
Pastu bolehla masukkan cili, kari babas, kerisik n tumis sampai pecah minyak
Tambahkan 2 cwn air rebusan lagi...
Masukkan isi ikan, ketumbar n udang kering n tumis lagi sampai satu umah bau wangi n ur husben n kids pun start tanya apa yang wangi sgt kat dapur tu :p
Masukkan lebihan air rebusan ikan tadi n santan, n tgu kuah mendidih (if ur kuah pekat sgt, boleh la tambah air)
Masukkan serai, daun kesum n bunga kantan serta asam keping
Biar kuah mereneh denga api perlahan sampai pecah minyak

4 sambal belacan, tumbuk cili n belacan sampai lumat n perah limau nipis

Boleh la hidangkan start ngan spaghetti, bahan hias n sendukkan kuah sampai banjir n top up with sambal belacan ~ tell u, meleleh! Betul tak orang2 johor :)My son kalau dapat Laksa Johor ni makan dah tak pandang kiri kanan. Pagi petang siang malam boleh mengulang tak jemu2!

Mode ~ Cari2 pics laksa johor dalam lappy ni tak ada la pula, semua dah selamat masuk perut, sedap sangat kot sampai tak sempat nak snap ^.^


Alahai Sedapnyer Nasi Ayam Claypot Versi Rice Cooker

ameeza77 Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saje nak share resepi ni, sesuai tuk anak2 dara n mak dara yang malas masak macam I la kan :p. Resepi ni simple sgt2 tapi dijamin sedap! Menu wajib setiap bulan (kadang terlajak sampai 2-3 kali sebulan)

Bahan Perap
Ayam 1/2 ekor
*Halia 2 inci
*Bawang besar 2 biji
*Bawang putih 5 biji
(* diracik nipis2)
Kicap bilal 1 - 2 senduk masakan
Kicap soya 3 sudu besar
Minyak bijan 2 sudu besar
Sos tiram 2 sudu besar
Lada hitam secukup rasa

Beras 4 pot
Minyak masak untuk menumis
Ikan pekasam
Daun bawang untuk hiasan

Cara2nyer senang sesangat

1. Goreng ikan pekasam bersama sedikit minyak dan ketepikan minyaknyer. (Mak aih, kecur air liur sambil2 menaip nih)

2. Perap Ayam selama 10 - 20 minit bersama dengan bahan2 racik + kicap, kicap soya, minyak bijan dan lada hitam.

3. Panaskan minyak and masukkan ayam yang diperap tadi bersama bahan2 perapannyer sekali, masak sampai half cook aje, tambahkan air lebih kurang stgh cawan.

4. Sementara tengah masak ayam tu boleh la masak nasi menggunakan rice cooker macam biasa, tapi kurangkan setengah sukatan air drpd biasa.

5. Bila nasi dah hampir kering, masukkan ayam tadi bersama kuahnya sekali.

6. Once nasi dah masak, ambil lebihan minyak ikan pekasam tadi n taburkan di atas ayam n nasi. Tutup semula rice cooker atau boleh la terus dihidangkan dengan daun bawang dan ikan pekasam.

Nota - Jgn memandai letak garam sebab kicap n ikan pekasam meme dah masin :)

Mode ~ Rindu nasi ayam claypot!


Birthday Bash GiveAway Contest (BBGAC)

ameeza77 Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy birthday to… sapa yer? Happy Birthday to me!

Hehe… yer2, I’m turning 35 tomorrow, isk2, dah tua la kan :p. Bukan nak citer pasal my birthday pun. Normally tak celebrate pun, selalunya buat cake so the kids ble nyanyi n potong :). Tapi now pun diaorg dah tak nak nyanyi2 dah, diaorg nak potong n ngap kek aje :p

This 35th birthday, I berbesar hati sangat nak bagi kek kat uoals semua ngeh ngeh ngeh… bukan satu kek (buat suspen ckit), bukan dua tapi tiga kek! Yer2… 3 bijik kek! Tapi adalah syarat n keje ckit yang uoals kena buat kan ^.^. Tak susah mana pun keje tu, tak kena baking bagai, kena klik2 aje mouse n type2 ckit aje keyboard uoals tu…

Syarat2 BBGAC;

Singgah ke, n klik pada pic awek cun kat sidebar sebelah kanan (chefgirl in white holding plate of cake with purple background), it will direct uoals ke HomeBakerz. (my Feedjit mesti tunjuk uoals enter from my personal blog, then baru uoals eligible to enter the contest yer).

Once uoals masuk ke HomeBakerz, cari entry Birthday Bash GiveAway Contest, dapat je the entry, click kat LIKE button and SEND button to send to your FB wall.

Please tag as many friends n let them know about BBGAC n jgn lupa tag I sekali yer.

Contest ENDS on 12.00pm 31st January 2012.

On 31st January, print screen all ur comments (including no of comments sekali) and please emel to akan dibuat berdasarkan status paling KREATIF berserta KOMEN MEMBINA PALING BANYAK (25 comments n above) from u and ur friends.

IMPORTANT ~ Sorry sangat sebab Giveaway ni TIDAK BOLEH DIPOS. So it is strictly self pick up. Tidak boleh juga ditukar dengan wang tunai (tukar nama penerima OK). So pada yang jauh kalau uoals nak enter juga this competition, please arrange how uoals nak amek the prize nanti yer. Semua hadiah akan diberi pada Sabtu, 4th February 2012.

Clock is ticking, gud luck uoals :)

Simpler Version (Read this if the colored wording bothered u;

Ada yang tak jumpa entry tu yer, macam ni barula thrill ckit :) kena guna skills yang ader tuk godek2 the post yer ^.^

1. Go to my personal blog

2. Click HomeBakerz which is in the right sidebar (pic awek cun), It will straight away direct you to my cake blog.

3. Find entry "Birthday Bash GiveAway Contest".

4. Click at Like Button and Send button to share to ur FB wall.

5. Tag as many friends to let them know about the contest n TAG me too (kalau tak I have no idea bout ur spot). Contoh...

6. On 31st January, print screen ur status n comments and email to

7. Three (3) first contestants with most creative status and most comments (25 and above) will be the winner.

8. Prize can be given/claimed on 4th February 2012.

So senang cerita, u guys tag kengkawan reramai pastu borak2 la about this contest, produk, taste, design or anything dengan syarat mestilah komen yang membina. Plus jgn lupa tag I sekali so that I am aware of it. Simple jer kan... hope simpler version ni membantu.

Hadiah apa? Once u jumpa my entry/post about the BBGAC tu, then u'll know apa hadiahnyer :)


Mineral Water

ameeza77 Thursday, January 19, 2012

To those yang close with me, surely knew that I really can't tolerate plain water. Plain water means drinking water from your house water tap. Yup, true! I only drink mineral water. Since teenagers lagi I've started to drink only mineral water.

Reasons? The only reason is not that I mengada2 but I can't bear the taste of tap water. If u guys notice, tap water ni normally ade one kind of taste, I even experienced the one with bad smell. Oh sangat2 No! Well, my habit ni sometimes trouble me a lot, especially when I go to places. Even to kedai makan pun I can't tolerate. Usually kedai makan is the worst la in terms of taste n smell tu, to the extend I wondered, if they get the water from the toilet eeeiii!

So that's why I can only telan mineral water. Tapi not all brand I boleh telan ~ siyes sangatla mengada kan huhu.. main brand that I usually consume like Mesra, Spritzer n now Blue.

Mesti u guys nak tau what are the benefits of mineral water? Let me share a bit.

For sure la banyak sgt benefits kan but the most what it does is they allow our body to absorb the mineral contents, easily than food that we consumes. Ni function yang paling major. Other than that, since our body is made up of 70% of water, so it would also help a lot in detoxification. Especially to people like me yang suka consume fast food n processed food, breathe polluted air (sebab my apt dekat ngan kilang besi) n malas yg teramat buat workout :p There, at least the minerals is there to eliminate those toxins yang dah bersarang2 dalam badan ni kan.

Lagi? Ade lagi... if u read the label, u will also notice that it contained calcium n magnesium which is essential for your bones. Other than making your muscles and bones strong, these 2 minerals will also help you to relax and sustain good blood pressure. Proper pressure pulak will boost your immune system. So for those yang takot nak consume banyak susu n cheese tu, it is good to nurture this mineral water habit. Although, u can still get those minerals from other sources such as fruits and veggies, at least they will top up ur needs of those minerals.

The bicarbonate and chloride pulak, help ur stomach for better digestion and balance acids in the intestinal. When you digested food properly then u'll get more nutrients from food that u consume. Kalau u all rajin, pls extend ur reading towards acidic intestinal, ngeri sangat2 when it can cause u so many severe problems such as yeast overgrowth and urine infection... siyes menakutkan!

Well, when I make comparisons between Spritzer and Mesra, they having slight differences in their minerals content. I find that Spritzer is having better minerals in contrast of Mesra, even though they extracted from the same location. Now that I know, I'll buy Spritzer more since they are cheaper in price and richer in benefits compare to Mesra.

If u read more, Spritzer also offer us with the silicon or Orthosilicic Acid (SI/OSA). These SI normally came from plant (example whole grains food) in its insoluble form and it takes our intestinal to do their work to make them soluble (OSA). Most SI presents in fiber but they are being refines and removes when the food is processed.

So what soo good about this OSA?
Spritzer stated that OSA (1) able to strengthen our tissues and blood vessels thus it could help us to hinder osteoporosis. OSA are also claimed to (2) prevent mount of toxic accumulated in our brain so its good precaution to alzheimer disease. It is also said that the (3) water that is hold in our joint and connective tissue will prevent us from arthritis. Heart problems can also avoided since SI (4) putt off cholesterol in heart. Finally, it may (5) slow down aging process and promotes better skin, better hair and nails beauty heheh...

Now u know how valuable and beneficial is mineral water kan, apa lagi... lepas ni once u got chance, please consume a lot and a lot mineral water in ur daily diet yer :)

But how about tap water? Is it safe enough for us to consume it? Yer la, so far lum dengar lagi orang mati minum air paip kan, still... ur tap water tu penuh with contaminants that make the smell, taste and sometimes the look change. Have u ever experienced whenever the water supply is cut off during maintenance or whatsoever, once they put through back the water supply u smell mud? oyeahhhh! and then u seen the color of dirt, rusk and sometimes sand came along with the water. Itu baru dr tangki taman. And what about our piping system? How many years have they exist for the water travel from sewage treatment? Fyi, 90% water source kat Malaysia came from the river and stream. Sejauh mana air ni smua is not polluted?

Ihsan incik google

Tu baru kekotoran yang nampak, what about parasites/bacteria resistance that they put in water? Kalau masuk swimming pool mesti boleh bau chlorine kan? This is the major purifier that they use to purify the water from bacteria semua. But u guys jgnla risau, tentula semua procedure ni is under the rite authority.

mode ~ free sangat :p

As promised

ameeza77 Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I wanna talk about FINAL exam.
1st things 1st ~ Yeay! Exam is over!
dah basi actually, it was over on the 12th, last week.
However, only now I feel that it’s really over, fuh!

On January, the 5th
My first paper was the toughest among all. From the assignments, the critiques, the video session and the final exam! It has never been easy sebab lecturer selalu tak der. He is a busy person so student selalu terkapai2 sendiri. Nevermind that, I learned a lot, with friends and own efforts.

On January, the 6th
Major subject, pedagogy! Below dialogue was one of my answers when it asked me to apply role play strategy in class for ‘barter trade’ topic! Guess what! I didn’t do revision on that part! I wrongly spot the topic! Padan muke! Spot2 topic lagi!

Scenario & dialog that I created to describe what is barter trade and its benefits/setbacks.

A customer went to market to buy few supplies - milk, eggs, flour and biscuits. This is what happened at the counter;

Customer – I wanted to trade this (milk) with my brand new shirt.
Cashier – how come? This is expensive, we must milk so many cows to get this.
Customer – ok then, let me trade the eggs, with 2 brand new shirts.
Cashier – cannot, we have to raise so many chickens to get the eggs.
Customer – never mind! Let me trade 3 brand new shirts with the flour then!
Cashier – haiya mr!! Still cannot, we must grind so many grains to produce this.
Plus, do you know something?
Customer – what?
Cashier – this (biscuits), is the most expensive item among others!
Customer – why la amoi?
Cashier – because we need milk, eggs and flour to make this!
Customer – speechless :p

What do you think about my answer? I got this idea after made 3 times alteration. (3 different stories, each I assumed can’t show the meaning, purposes and setbacks), thank you to mr. correction tape that I bought from popular.

Why on earth you must asked students to come out with lesson plan and activities? It took me 40minutes to finish 4 pages lesson plan. Grrr! Even a real teacher must have text book whenever they plan for their P&P. There are other ways to test students’ understanding on LP and P&P but definitely not during the exam!

On January, the 9th
Another minor paper, insyaAllah 

On January, The 11th
Harghhhhh! I wanted to scream out loud! But the truth was, I cried over my FA lecturer right after the exam. I was dem frustrated because I prepared for it. What happened was I got panicked. After recited doa I straight away opened the question paper and all of sudden my formulas were all gone! My brain got all jumble up and I can’t think straight. Obviously what happened to me was the panicked attack. Therefore, I lost my concentration and focus for almost 3 hours. Yeah! Now we can predict my result pretty well! I will definitely drop my beautiful CGPA 

On January, the 12th
My lecturer advised me to focus on MA. Hubby told me to practically write down all the formulas on the paper before started to answer the questions. He convinced me, it is ok to spent 10 – 15 minutes rather than loss every opportunity to get marks. And again, after recited doa, I did what I’m being told. I didn’t open the question paper, I wrote every possible formula that I remember.

Alhamdulillah, hubby was rite. Madam was rite too. I found myself more relax and whenever I got stressed out, burnt out to answer, I referred to those formulas that I wrote before.

Whenever I asked hubby why is that I was so careless with FA, and I asked him why God let me made those silly mistakes, hubby told me to redha. I personally don’t have the correct answer for it, but after sometimes I realized that it can happen to everyone. It taught me to bend down my panic disorder, try to overcome it whenever I can because this diseases is not tolerable and most probably I’ll suffer from the consequences.

Well, there’s a lot to learn from mistakes I made. InsyaAllah I will redha for now, but definitely I will cry again after the result is out. February, please don’t come and please don't give me a broken heart .

Mode ~ my heart beat so fast rite now.. they must be marking my papers.


Better Person

ameeza77 ,

We were having our breakfast when I was counting my CGPA for this semester (meme suka forecast2 result nih), I told hubby, 3 subjects are considered A. I have nothing to worry about my minor papers. But I’m seriously terrified with accounting subjects. Then he asked me;

‘Rumahtangga dapat A tak?’

My face went completely numb! My husband is a quiet person, he is the man of calmness. He hardly angry, nor to put on face even if I nonstop nagging. (well, people said if a wife is nagging it’s because the man is not listening :p). But once he speaks… tu dia! Merah muka, kalah kena penampar :p

And last nite, I knocked out again by Wardina Saffiyah with kind of similar question,
‘Siapa kita nak marah anak-anak ni, kita ni (parents) yang banyak dosa…”

Once I watched the beginning of the video last nite, I was thinking, oh this is a normal issue. However, I still watched it till the end. I thanked god, and thanked to Wardina as well for brought up the topic. It may heard like a normal and ordinary topic, but once you went through the content, Alhamdulillah it was packed with information and urges for me to change.

I have been neglected the kids for a while, especially when I was busy with assignments and exams. Everytime I get stressed out and angry towards the kids, especially Haziq. I even told my mom last nite (before I watched the video lar kan) my blood totally went up whenever I assisted him with his home work.

The truth is I forgot that he is just 8 years old. The school must be so hard for him without fullest attention and guidance from me. Whenever I saw the school syllabus, I knew it’s going to be tough for him and I failed to understand his needs.

Ya Allah, I must change! Let me change!
to be a better mother to them,
to be a better wife to my husband,


Jom Marathon!

ameeza77 Thursday, January 12, 2012
Haha, lama dah tak hupdate marathon kan... tengok2 picca ajelah dulu yer, masih tak der mood nak menulis, baru abis paper MA dan sgt2 rasa nak bantal n tilam sekarang...

Ni masa kat pantai Kelanang, masa Kismas tempoh hari, mula nak gi Morib, tapi sesak sgt dengan manusia baik kat tepi pantai mau dalam air, so beransur la ke Kelanang.

Ni pulak antara kek2 yang sempat disnap...
yg lain tu dah biasa tepek so malas la nak masuk dalam ni.

Ni pula masa tahun baru, asalnyer nak g potong seluar sekolah jer kat kompleks PKNS, tau2 menyimpang ke tasik, Haziq seronok sgt ngan babah dia naik kayak...

Nak citer pasal exam sebenarnya, tapi otak masih tepu... nanti2 la kita citer yer, now nak intai2 drama korea yang best2 untuk ditonton dalam cuti yang tak bapa nak panjang ni :)

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