Sekitar Hari Bahagia Adinda Yg Gojes

ameeza77 Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sekitar Majlis Nikah & Persandingan Pija & Anep...



Kepala Lagi!

ameeza77 Friday, April 27, 2012

Hurm... speechless la bila nengok anakanda begini, alhamdulillah tak serius!

Masa Senggang

ameeza77 Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm still in school. Normally I have to stay late on Friday since dad is going for Jumaat prayer. Rugi sebenarnya because everybody r going back early as the school ended at 12.30, so daripada meroyan tak tentu pasal, I might as well put some update here.

The main reason why I didn't update the blog because I am totally drained! Physically n Mentally drained :p I normally arrived home around 3pm and usually collapse for at least 2 hours. Husband and son told me that I'm not snoring anymore. Must be of the tiredness or my respiratory r getting better from the grapefruit drink? I am thankful for any of the reasons :)

Yesterday, we had Kompang Competition in SMKSA. It was nice to see all the participants from all over Klang gathered in our school. We were the host so most of classes been released to ensure the fluency of the event. We won the 2nd place!

Pasukan Nasyid Sekolah
Sedap2 sore bdk2 nih! Comei2 pulak tu :)

Ni nak tunjuk cikgu2 dok beratur kat tingkat 1 ... semua ikut warna tema,
purple gitu... cantek n lembut jer mata memandang dari bawah ni:)

Ni pula antara peserta, 11 buah sekolah yg ambil bahagian semuanya

Among all, I was happy to be part of the committees. I was in charge of the registration, program booklet as well as to collect signature from VIP. Haha... itupun nak citer :p anyways, I learned few things about protocols during the event. okla tu... tambah pengetahuan :)

So as usual, as I got back home, 1st thing yg I cari after shower was the comforter, let haiyi play with the computer and in 2 minutes, I can't hear a thing at all! Muahahaha...

Mode: Susahnyer jadi GURU sekarang, totally... it is a different world!

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