Genap Seminggu!

ameeza77 Saturday, December 31, 2011

Heheh.. genap seminggu tak buka blog, blog walking pun tak, tak der masa sepicing pun nak berblog. Cam ner nak berblog kalau guna 2/3 windows plus 10 tabs each! sib baik ms lappy kuat :)

Alhamdulillah... last week worried with financial account assignment, alhamdulillah balance juga my account ngam2 b4 the time due. Huh! berpeluh you!

Lepas tu busy plak ngan video session for individual counseling, alhamdulillah, setelah bertungkus lumus ngan pelbagai masalah, kejap lagi boleh la hantar vdeo tu. Buat vdeo tu tak la teruk sangat kot. Trimas byk2 kat CTB Azrin sebab banyakkkk sangat tolong menjayakan sesi counseling tu :) Tanpa azrin, pening juga kami nak merakam.

Tapi yg teruk sekali menghabiskan assingment interventions tu, ada 5 interventions kena wat report plus 1 kritik on the intervention. Kritik? This is my pes time buat krtitk. Adoi, sayang betul buat keje last minutes, the outcomes meme la tak berapa nak gempak, rasenya mcm byk benda lagi nak letak tapi tak sempat. Gempak tak gempak, i produced 50pages for the report.

Will be having exam starting 5th January - 12th January 2012.
5th Jan - Individual Counseling
6th Jan - Pedagogy in Commerce
9th Jan - Multicultural Counseling
11th Jan - Fianancial Accounting
12th Jan - Managerial Accounting

Kijam kan, accounting paper tak der gap langsung! oh dugaan! insyaAllah dipermudahkan semuanya nanti :) Wish me luck n doa2kan semuanye berjalan lancar for me yer :)

Mode ~ ngantok sakan!


Bad Cake Day!

ameeza77 Friday, December 23, 2011

Adoi! jgn salahkan kek, salahkan tuan empunya badan! sapa suruh tak tdo 2 malam n masih buat order, akibatnya customer pulak yang jadi mangsa.

Malam tadi (setelah malam sebelumnya pun tak tdo sebab dok buat assignment akaun) tak tdo lagi dek masih meneruskan kerja2 baking yang tergendala. Hajat hati meme nak buat secara beransur2 dari hari senin tu nak siapkan tart shell n prepare bahan2 lain dulu. Tapi disebabkan dapat esemen budget last minit tu semua plan tak jadi. Tu yang malam tadi dok siapkan juga 2 bijik rainbow cake, 3 bijik karemel pelangi n 1 set cistat. Paham2 la kan sambil buat sambil tersengguk, tapi gagahkan jua sebab dah janji ngan customer kan.

Memula my caramel ciskek tak jadi, lupa cover ngan foil n dengan confidentnya dok bath marie cake tu. Sejam ciskek tu dok dalam oven pun masih x pasan juga. Padahal ader jugak dok jenguk2 oven. Bila dok bawa kuo kek n nak transfer, awat my oreo base nih lembik mcm puding dah? Then baru I realized I x cover the pan with foil, terbaek meza!

Pic Atas - Pan dah mandi with my ciskek oreo base
Pic Bawah - Oreo Base dah jadik puding Oreo :(

Then another customer told me my rainbow cake tergelincir dari landasan, cepat2 kol hubby tanya cam ner dia hantar td meme senget ke? Hubby pun xplain sebijik mcm yg customer xplain, sah2! meme salah my hubby! Nih meme nak kena rotan nih! kita wat mcm nak terkeluar bijik mata, dia g wat spoil pulak masa delivery... huhu, sabar you, nanti hubby resign sapa nak hantarkan kek lagi?

Allah.... ader jer dugaan, betapa pentingnya mental dan fizikal tu bersatu kan... rasanya nak tutup order dah la, takot tergelincir pulak masa buat exam nanti, minta dijauhkan!

Mode ~ Penat, siyes nak tutup order till middle January 2012.


24 hours submission!

ameeza77 Thursday, December 22, 2011
Hah! got last minutes assignment for FA today! very the thrill, control acc + ledger + trial balance. Am still working on my ledger, berdarah2 dah mata n idong nia :p Still can't imagine how am going to answer exam. The steps punyala panjang! Semoga Allah permudahkan!

Mode - tatau kul bapa nak tdo, cancel plan baking malam ni :(

Maladaptive Behavior vs Karipap

ameeza77 Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This is one of the topic that we talked about during our group discussion yesterday. Arghhh... it was such a long day when we kept on discussing and realized it already 7pm and we decided to wrapp out everything although there's a lot of things are in vague.

Thank you to counselor Yap for explaining those weird counseling terms and theories. Thanks to my friend, counselor to be (CTB) Arina for invited me to join the discussion. It was fun and awesome to share knowledge like that, but all I did was just lend my ear to the details since this is my minor paper and am been so blurred about the subject. I believe I need to stop procrastinate and start reading all the kitabs from here and there, so that I could answer the final exam later :p

1st thing 1st... what is maladaptive behavior (MAB)? Well, through our discussion yesterday what i can conclude, MAB is types of behaviors that hinder an individual to adjust to some circumstances. This behavior may reduce one's worries, however it may not able to solve problems/situation. In some cases, it might worsen the situation because behavior chosen is non productive or dysfunctional. One might stay away from the situation but it totally won't improve the situation. Huhu, ble paham ke? Tak per2.. lepas ni kita kasik example yer...

Haha, that definition is definitely act only as token for me, being able to memorize those facts is good enough ! that's mean I paid attention okeh!

Ok2, let's continue with a simple example that would help you to understand and help me to retain the details yer.

Oh! this is a good one, example.... I'll be having my final semester exam in 2 weeks time, at the same time, I have a lots in my mind. A lots and lots in my hands as well. I supposed to start with my assignment @9am this morning but my thought doesn't allow me working things rite. For some reasons, what we called 'unrealistic fears' make me believe that I won't be able to complete all my tasks. My brain keep on interpreting wrong chemical reactions, thus my synapses keep on transmitting wrong information between neurons. This morning, my worries had transformed into stress therefore that's the reason of me getting nausea and dizziness. Do I need some drugs to stop those pain message from getting into my brain?

Nah! I decided to deviate my attention to other things for a while, then I remembered my inti karipap in the fridge.. I guess since I can't focus to my study and am having really bad headache, why not I settle the karipap dulu kan.

Here we go, my 1st maladaptive behavior for today! I snub the notes and headed to the kitchen and start to touch my utensils and ingredients :p, of course I started kneaded the flour for my karipap pastry ^.^. Hahah.. the feeling is absolutely heaven!

I got about 30 pcs karipap alltogether and I kept the remaining inti into the freezer. I konon2 had utilized my 3 hours time (lama pasal I terhegeh2 kelim the edges larr). Happy! I fried 5 pcs and ate them for my breakfast! The pastry was nice, just the way I like, very crisp! There you go, healing therapy for me :)

Then am putting everything here so that we can learn together about maladaptive behavior. I guess, it is not wrong to utilize another 1 hour to do some blog, plus this information is relevant for final exam :p

So do u get what maladaptive behavior is all about peeps? n how many hours I have procrastinated till now ^.^

Mode ~ gimme another half an hour to take nap yah!


Not So Speechless After All

ameeza77 Monday, December 19, 2011

And yet, yesterday was a productive day for me :) Other than having our quality family time ~ kids with online games (ultraman, pikachu, sonic, mario and the list goes longer ) hubby with online anime (Bleach, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Gundam and the list goes even loooonger cause all these series came out with different seasons + episodes = hundreds of them or maybe thousands, who knows) and me with korean dramas for sure (told u, very productive :p)

However, I managed to complete 2 assignments + 2 exercises for MA (Managerial Accounting).

Sambil buat esemen tu, rasanyer few times I have to stop to prepare dinner for the kids and hubby heheh...

Tapi kan, actually I started the assignment right after watching 2 movies with hubby. It almost 5pm if am not mistaken. Haha, memula ingat nak nengok 1 movie jer titled 'The Thing'.

Biasala, if we dah start watch 1 movie, mesti jadi so addicted nak watch another one, so we continue with 'FrightNight' pulak. Hahah!

Hah! Lupa, Saturday nite tu we watched Breaking Dawn Pt 1 as well. I really like the ending although the beginning tu naik bosan la plak sebab byk sgt adegan bosan hurm!

Ha, pas tu I continue with my assignments till 12am sambil2 masak inti karipap. I thought this morning boleh la goreng karipap for the boys, unfortunately I only slept around 4am last nite. I can't afford wake up at 5am nak menggentil the karipap pastry pulak.

Oh, napa I slept so late? Cause am looking for counseling journals/articles and I still can't find the best and helpful article for my minor paper. I have another 15 pages critiques to write, 15-20 pages theories to compare n summarize plus 40mins - 1hour intervention video recording which haven't been done.

More, I have 3 more FA (Financial Accounting) assignments must be submitted by this Wednesday.

Am having problem with 1 minor paper that I totally dun understand (mcamana nak katam all the kitab in 2 weeks time)

Mode ~ Exam is Around the Corner!


Speecless Weekends

ameeza77 Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mode ~ Nak Demam :(

Pic ehsan pak google


Keja Keja Keje!

ameeza77 Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sesetengah orang bekerja sebab nak survive.
Sesetengah orang bekerja kerana comitment.
Sesetengah orang bekerja kerana passion.
Sesetengah orang pula bekerja, Makan gaji bute!

Kerja sebab nak survive ni sgt2 la crucial kan. Sedey pun ader kadang tu bila tengok org kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang. Bersyukur rasa sebab kita tak perlu membanting tenaga, memerah peluh di tengah panas atau pun terpaksa buat kerja2 bahaya sebab kita tak ada pilihan. Ndak tak nak, terpaksa juga lakukan. Tak sampai hati rasanya seorang ayah atau ibu bila pulang ke rumah melihat mata2 redup anak2 yang kelaparan. Bagi mereka yang bekerja begini, tentulah pekerjaan itu menjadi sangat ikhlas dan besar pahalanya, tentulah pekerjaan itu menjadi ibadah yer...

Reason no 2 ni pun agak crucial juga. Comitment yang kita citer kat sini antaranya nak bayar hutang. Hutang rumah, keta, motor, tv beso, kredit card, individu, ah long, hutang kedai runcit dan pelbagai hutang lagila. Secara rasionalnyer, individu tu sendiri la yang mencari & membuat hutang ni. Hutang2 ni dibuat samaada kerana kesempitan hidup atau nak rasa senang dalam hidup. Maka bekerjalah kita semua, awal bulan poket penuh hujung bulan poket bocor huhuh.

Hah! antara 4 reasons bekerja ni yang paling best reason no 3 la kan. Certain people they don't even bother if the pay is quite low, as long they can do what they like the most. Org2 yang keje sebab passion ni tak kisah untuk stay back sampai lewat pagi. Orang2 begini hebat kerana the passionate feeling that they put into their job.

Ni pulak pasal boss....

(correct me if am wrong cause this is base on my bias observation la kan, kalau buat thesis tak laku ni hahah)

To those yang kais pagi makan pagi type, the boss mesti seorang yang suka mengarah. Bossy la kate orang puteh. Autocratic gle, tau nak mengarah jer! To them, these type of employees r easy to handle. So kebanyakan masa keje boss2 cam gini is only shouting and throwing their temper to staff. Boss cam gini lupa, level dia pun sama jer macam staff nih pasal diorang ni tak reti nak jadi manusia. Perah & Kerah type of boss!

Commitment type of employees pulak selalu dapat boss yang so so juga la. If u deliver what they want, they happy. If u tak deliver what they want, at the end of the month u still happy sebab u'll get ur pay :p Boss for these type of employee mostly flexible, they r more tolerant n deal with u as human.

Passionate type employees pulak, normally will get the perfectionist boss. Semua nak purfek! Tapi tak per sebab both of the boss and employee dedua tau apa yang nak kena deliver, normally they will work hand in hand. Kalau fight pun, mesti sebab nak deliver the best outcomes for their work. These people, bukan aje dapat reward at the end of the month, more than that they met their goals n fulfill satisfaction! Best2!

Oh lupa, yang ke empat tu! Ni yang paling best skali bagi those employees yang kaki ngelat. Mcm2 ngelat la diaorang buat, main game, tdo, sarapan kul 9, tea break kul 11, lunch kul 1, tea snack kul 4, belum lagi masuk time "take 5" berasap, to those yg teaching plak, tuang kelas, g meeting n conference sana sini. Terbaik!

Yang ni boss dia sapa yer? Cer uols kasek pendapat cikit ^.^

One more thing, uols agree tak, in general....what type of boss u'll get selalunyer is what are u towards ur job.

Mode ~ Just my 2 cents :)


Newly Wed Nieja & Akim

ameeza77 Sunday, December 11, 2011
Today sangatla suspen. We went to Nieja wedding. Around 12.15pm dah sampai. I remembered well the address said section 11, Shah Alam. Tapikan, as we arrived, we saw 2 pelamin.

Aiseh, betul ker ni yer? Kat luo tak der bunting, I nak tanya masa masuk tadi rasa macam, eh betul la majlis kat sini... Buat2 confident, trus capai pinggan, amek lauk n makan. Masa makan tu hati nih still dub dab dub dab. Kept telling hubby I rasa cuak we got into the wrong kenduri. Dah la meme tak kenal sesiapa kat situ.

Cuak still cuak, but makan still makan heheh. The food served meme sedapla kan, I amek ayam masak merah, daging hitam (these 2 dishes meme sedap, rugi tak amek lebih hahah), dalca, acar rampai n papedem. Ayam n daging lembut sangat, the 1st kenduri la dapat ayam n daging so tender macam tu. Then yang paling best was.... teh tarik u! Then adalah mcm2 kuih muih lagi that they served tapi perut dah tak larat nak makan.

Abis makan was around 12.50, I asked the waiters what time pengantin will arrive. Alamak, we all meme sampai awal, 1.30 baru pengantin sampai. 40 minutes more to kill, sib baik org lum bapa ramai, so tak la berebut seat kan. So we all just bagi nasi turun n decided to wait for pengantin. My kids da sibok ajak balik, but this is the 1st time I nak tengok Nieja in person heheh. Sis ni rakan blogger for almost 3 years. Seronok bace review Nieja bout food. Selalu juga hubby n I jalan2 cari makan based on Nieja's review ni. Hubby capai another cup of tea yang meme sedap tu, waited n waited, around 1.40 pengantin pun sampai!

Ha, tu dia sis Nieja with her husband Lukman Hakim (Yeay! I tak salah kenduri, betul ok!) Berseri mcm pics dalam blog juga, orang nyer meme manis, putih gebu gitu. Theme di Shah Alam ni kaler purple. Cantek jer keempat2 mempelai headed to their pelamin. Haiyi was so excited with the kompang group. Kali ni dia dapat tengok dr dekat sebab the kompang group iring pengantin masuk ke dalam.

I pun apa lagi, klik2, snap2 la few piccas of Nieja. Mostly my pic tak bapa nak cantek sebab pakai camera hp je kan. (Hubby cakap, mujur boleh juga amek pic kan, bila the wifey complaint camera tak leh zoom and bla bla bla).

Sempat juga borak 2-3 sentences guna mouth mimics, facial expressions n gestures masa tgh amek pics tu. Definitely she didn't recognize me, when I mentioned kak meza, then she nodded. There goes our unique conversation :). Sempat lagi told her dari bawah stage tu that we were about to leave n she said 'da nak balik dah?' dr atas stage. Sweet sgt :). Oh, meme kena balik la sebab dah dok 2 jam kat majlis orang heheh. Am still ralat la sikit sebab tak sempat nak ambil pics with pengantin. Tapi tak apa, maybe next time boleh jumpa :).

To Nieja n Lukman, akak wish both of u;

Congrats n 'Selamat Pengantin Baru'. May U Guys Have a Blessed Marriage Filled with Happiness, Laughter n Joy Hingga Hujung Nyawa! Dapat Junior Ramai2 n Comei2 belaka so that U Guys Boleh Create Banyak2 Memories in UR Marriage Life :)

And sis Nieja, jgn lupa... cont update the blog yer :)


Ipoh Day Out

ameeza77 Friday, December 9, 2011
Adeh! my legs n waist r aching. My heart n mind pun aching jugak! Boleh ker cam tu? Today the kids & I ikot hubby g Ipoh. Not for jalan2, just accompanied him as he got work to settle over there. So sementara dia keje tu, we all kena humban @ Ipoh Parade. I thought, sure ada banyak benda boleh buat kat sana nanti since we've got 3 hours to kill. Tak per, cinema ade, arcade ader, mesti banyak benda boleh buat with the kids kan, kan? Banyak la i punya kan, kan!

Orang Ipoh jgn marah, but we were really2 bored. 1st we went to GSC cinema. Diaorg ade 4 film jer for viewing. Takkan nak tengok Ombak Rindu with the kids? Breaking Down? 2 more r tamil & chinese movie. Oh tolong la. There's no arcade for the kids as well. Nothing was really there :(

Told u, sib baik ade Popular Bookstore

Then, the kids sibok minta makan, we went to the food court next to the cinema. Alamak, I ni meme particular sgt part makan, 1st of all yg serve all the food mostly chinese, 2nd, tak nampak pun malay makan kat situ, 3rd the food meme la tak memanggil2 anak tekak ni untuk makan. So we went to the ground floor. Haziq said he saw lots of fast food restaurants down there. Well, there r only 2 options available jer for us, Marrybrown n Kenny Rogers. Hah! of course la the kids cepat2 grab my hands to Marrybrown the moment they saw their swings features. Adoi makan sambil goyang2 & buai2, layankan aje la...

I ordered them set like KFC snack plate. The chicken was very spicy. Kesian haiyi, he kept makan bersulam with soft drinks & ketchup. Lama juga we all menempel kat situ. Almost an hour while the kids slowly abiskan their meals. Suddenly Haiyi asked for berry2. Aiseh! This is the part yang I paling tak suke, after meal nak kena tgk muka j****n! I rasa chicken tu meme pedas sebab both of them revisited the toilet again n again!

Thank god, hubby called (of course after 3 n 1/2 hour la kan...) saying that he had finished with his work. I pun mcm nak histeria dah rasa sebab asek kena teman both of them masuk toilet kan. So I told hubby if he want to grab something, there was nothing there actually n lets have dinner outside (pity him from morning makan sandwich yang i bawa from home aje). So, I mcm baru lepas dari penjara was so happy bila nampak our car sampai kat entrance depan parkson tu. Jom2! cepat, masuk kereta!

Masuk je kereta, I was so tensed with the GPS voice. Dah la pusing2 asek salah jalan. It was so hard to find malay restaurant or even mamak nearby. I was quite happy bila ternampak restoren daun pisang n asked hubby to stop for his late lunch. But suddenly I realized, that was not mamak, it was indian cuisine restaurant. The GPS was actually suggested so many restaurant in that area. Unfortunately most of the restaurants either closed or gone, no more business. As my friend said to me, 'Hangin jer satu badan!'.

I saw from the GPS, there was 1 malay restaurant called Mee Rebus Ramli. I told hubby, jomla we tried pusing for the last one before heading back (maybe byk kedai makan otw balik). Masa tgh berhenti for traffic light I saw with my 2 eyes and said 'Ayang! tu, depan tu, Mee Rebus Ramli!'. ALhamdulillah, ada juga kedai yang buke! We all pun cepat2 la p cari parking.

We ordered 2 types of mee rebus. The normal one for me & Haiyi. We wanted to share the mee because we had our lunch at the mall previously kan. Hubby pulak try Special Mee Rebus which came with ayam. Haziq ordered fries aje since dia tak pandai makan mee rebus. Surprsingly, the mee rebus was superb for me. Meme nice! Yg paling best, 1st me & Haiyi thought of sharing the mee rebus kan, end up both of us makan berebut sebab sedap sangat hahah. Then we ordered another bowl sebab Haiyi tak puas makan (I pun tumpang sekaki juga hehehe).

Mee Rebus Biasa (mine & haiyi)

Mee Rebus Special (Hubby)

Interprem Sikit :)

Lupa nak citer, masa sampai tu, we saw shaw brothers building betul2 in front of Mee Rebus Ramli. Serta merta i pun terus teringat kat P.Ramli :(.

As I told hubby on the way back, it doesn't matter if its raining all day long or even stuck in the place that not worth feeling, one trip could be so memorable if it has at least one good food for us to remember and come back :)

Mode ~ Terasa2 Keenakan Mee Rebus Ramli

I've Changed!

ameeza77 Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I am in my 2nd year of 3 year degree :) this semester has come to the end, my friends and I are now kelam kelibut finishing our assignments yang berlambak2 tu. In the beginning of semester, I have promised myself, when December starts, I have to put my focus on studying, al maklum la, am taking 2 accounting subject this semester. Huhu, handal sangat ke? To tell u the truth, am really in the middle of chaos. It’s really not cool to memorize all the accounting steps. But hey! am trying hard to coping with it. Hope I can still maintain the good result ^.^.

Back to my story, am quite excited to undergo teaching practicum in school. Starting February 2012, I’ll be heading to school every morning for 3 months. When am thinking about it, I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach: p Kelakar la, coz I’ve been in the industry for more than 8 years. I guess, its scary sebab there will be lecturer who going to observe while I teaching later in school la kan…

So, today in class am suppose to have my 1st micro teaching. It carries 30 marks u. I’d prepare everything. The contents, the BBM, I made mind mapping sheet for the students plus little2 thing (that’s means effort okay) for the teaching today. My part was the last step where I needed to do pengukuhan, Q&A with students as well to conclude lesson of the day. Hehe, excited kan…

But u guys know, I didn’t able to do my part. The lecturer said our 40 minutes were done! None of my group member noticed when we started the teaching. And I didn’t do my part. Sad kan… yeah a bit. Am quite frustrated because I have planned and did everything.

In the old days, am sure I’ll be blaming, blaming and blaming everything around me. Am gonna be frustrated, irritated, disturbed and really2 upset. Tapi kan… today, it not really bothered me. While my other 2 group members were busy buat post mortem where they did wrong, I kept advising them, that was really something for us to just…. Learned! I told them it is better to make all the mistakes now rather than doing them in school. My friend smsed me after class, purposely to say sorry about today’s incident. How sweet kan :).

Moral of the story, I have changed! Suke tak? I suke sangat! It’s not easy to change tau n am happy because it is a good one. Now that I agree that education is meant to change things from bad to good, -ve to +ve.

Guys out there, let’s change for the better!!

Mode ~ Bernafas dengan tenang & bermimpi yg indah2!

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