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Update Marathon 2012

ameeza77 Monday, January 14, 2013

Been almost 3 months now after mak n pak got back from Makkah. Alhamdulillah all went well. They safely arrived in Malaysia somewhere in November. 

Huge changed in my routine since they left as i had to take care the kids, tau la keje2 jadi supir and chef was not that easy.... since then jugala my oven stop functioning :(. Sedey la juga, and i decided to stop the production for a while (xtra sedih sob sob sob).

These are some pictures from my graduation day on November. Semangat berkobar2 to further study. I have such a good topic to start with but i stuck somewhere in the middle. Tatau la when i can get back the momentum to sit down n continue my journey as students.

While the year ending, i started to look for work with only one niat, to enroll both haziq n haiyi at better sekolah agama. And i am officially managing this for now.... 

Such a new experience to manage a learning centre like this. i have a mix feeling of liking and not liking it at first. It is an adjusting phase for me from teaching to the management. but i kinda like the routine of meeting new people now. a good interpersonal skills to learn since i am a melancholic type. 

These are some pictures of haziq n haiyi @ school. Haziq is now in standard 3 n haiyi is 1. Time flies so fast and what i hope the most is to provide them the best.

As routine is tough now, working on the weekends and day off on the weekdays, it is hard to find quality time for all of us. but i'll try my best to accommodate everyone. still... kinda a rough life! 

mode ~ bersyukur atas rezekimu ya Allah...



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